Isle of Bliss / Insel der Seligkeit

Isle of Bliss

The viscous flood of orange fire
gives birth to black and craggy rock;
The earth bereft of path and water
gives birth to wine of luscious stock!

The sweet white drop rolls on my palate,
the pure wild wind plays on my face…
And what was hurt is bound to heal here,
and what was loose falls into place.

Christina Egan © 2015

Insel der Seligkeit

Die zähe Flut aus schierem Feuer
gebiert den schroffen schwarzen Stein;
die weg- und wasserlose Erde
gebiert den süßen weißen Wein!

Der wilde Wind kost meine Wangen
und jener Tropfen meinen Mund…
An seinem Ort liegt alles Lose,
und alles Wunde wird gesund.

Christina Egan © 2015

Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands, off the
coast of North-West Africa.

The German and English versions of this song
of praise were created to match each other.

You can find more poems about Lanzarote in
German and English at On the Volcano’s Rim.


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