Midsummernight Far North

Midsummernight Far North

This is the edge of the land.
The number of signals is seven:
The shimmering sand,
the green in the sea,
the red in the sky,
the crescent and star,
the bonfire’s glint,
the lighthouse’s fan,
the flashing afar —

The number of wonders is seven.
This is the midsummernight,
this is the height of the light,
this is the hem of the heavens.

We are alive.
We are together.
This is all here.
This is forever.

Christina Egan © 2015

The Darß (Darss) is a  tranquil strip of land between some lakes and the Baltic Sea.
Around summer solstice, dusk is only between ten and eleven (summertime). 
A German poem about dusk on the Darss is ostseeschlaflied (Baltic Sea Lullaby).

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