In splashes of fresh golden-green
the leaves cascade down the tree,
a banner of zest!
However warm, though, it grows,
however late the light flows,
still gilding the west,
the promise of lemon and lime
will never turn green in good time,
green true to a tree.
From nascent glow through the length
of summer and on to the strength
of ripe revelry,
the waves of the leaves will pour
not-yet or not-any-more
convincingly green:
The graceful acacia-tree
has the dubious destiny

of virginal sheen.

Christina Egan © 2015

Little tree with apple-green leaves in a park in average summerly green

Photograph: Christina Egan © 2015

It was a poem by Hermann Hesse that drew my attention to the acacia tree:
September (Der Garten trauert)  is online with my rhymed English translation.


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