Hochglanzfotos / glossy faces


von den letzten Hopi-Indianern
auf die Skyline der Zukunft
ohne einen Schatten von Tod

das glitzernde Fest
über dem Abgrund
ist noch nicht ausverkauft

Christina Egan © 1990

glossy faces

glossy faces
framed by paper
framed by screens
framed by windows

painted faces
painted bodies
images of desires
images of images

sculpted and painted
masks and totems
with unseeing eyes
swarming around me

a mass of masks
each one an island
drifting in an ocean
of mute music

of flashing messages
clashing messages
fake facts
fake names

glossy faces
and just so happy!

Christina Egan © 2018

While the second poem comes from a world of mobile devices and social media, the first one was written in 1989 or 1990, when computers (personal computers) where gradually being introduced and the internet (worldwide web) was only being invented. I must have been thinking of television and cinema, magazines and newspapers, posters perhaps or record covers…

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