Drawing of the mechanics of a loom (yarn on rolls, without the frame)I am looking for photographers, artists and editors to use my poetry for their publications, or to create calendars, greeting cards, bookmarks together – and, of course, books. I have been represented in calendars with high-quality photographs and texts:

Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender  and Rhönkalender.

Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender 2014. Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender 2016. Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender 2017. Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender 2019.     

Rhönkalender 2016. Rhönkalender 2017. Rhönkalender 2018.


















Rhönkalender 2019.










I can translate poems and lyrics between English and German, and from French into either, re-creating metres and rhymes as faithfully as possible. For Wikipedia, I have rewritten prose translations of Four Last Songs in rhyming verse approaching Hermann Hesse’s graceful original texts. On this website, you will find examples of my own parallel creations, like Isle of Bliss / Insel der Seligkeit, which was first written in English, and Ecce pratum purpuratum, which was first written in German.

Very large bookcase with foldable desk surface and chained volumes (drawing)If you want my poetry in a nutshell, you could look here:

Those poems which could be set to music as songs or hymns are filed as Lyrics. Please inquire about any expanded text versions and about any musical use before you start composing!

I would love to see my plays produced by school and student ensembles, amateur associations, drama schools and professional theatres. I could also rewrite them for radio broadcasting. Some short plays form a sequence; they can stand on their own or go together to fill an afternoon or evening.

I also write on social history and cultural history at Echtermeier Forum and Newsam News and hope to do more historical research in the future. I should like to write leaflets and booklets for historical sites and museums.

Image: Bookcase in Hereford Cathedral (early 17th c.; drawing of 1894) –
Image: Loom. Schematic description. Nordisk familjebok (1922), vol.33, p.37-38 [1].

About me

I hesitate to disclose anything about my person and my life because the reader will instantly, subconsciously, form an opinion about my work, while I want the texts to speak for themselves, or be set in the context I provide with my brief comments.

If I clarify, for instance, whether I am British, or German, or both, or neither, everyone will judge about my mentality and about my linguistic skills. Well, I am at home in both countries and in both languages, and I am working on making France my third country and French my third language. I am a true European.

If I put any kind of curriculum vitae here, everyone will position himself or herself in relation to me: If I am, for example, about fifty, younger people will believe that I am too old to understand them, and older people, that I am too young. If I am, for example, a librarian by profession or occupation, many readers will be put off because this poet may be too learned, and a few because she may not be learned enough.

Slender woman in tight mini-dress sitting on staircase, blond hair tied back, bright knitted socks next to her.

Moreover, you will have a clear image of a fifty-year-old librarian in your mind, complete with tied-back hair and hand-knitted socks. Which is why I include an image of a fifty-year-old librarian from the internet, complete with tied-back hair and hand-knitted socks.

All I want to confirm is that I am a woman — a 100% woman! But more of that in the section dedicated to politics, that is, feminism.

Photograph: Christina Egan © 2015.


Creative Commons Licence
Christina Egan by Christina Egan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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