Warmer Wind Surges

Warmer Wind Surges
(March Haiku)


Warmer wind surges
impatiently from the shore,
stirring blood-red leaves.


First gleam of yellow
in the forgotten garden –
a nugget of gold!


Yellow crocuses:
a carpet of candle flames
glowing all day long.


Christina Egan © 2013


February Sparks

February Sparks
(February Haiku)

Grey on grey the street…
Lightning strikes – the sun reflected
in a windscreen.


Stalks thrusting upwards
like spears with golden points:
armies of daffodils.


The crocus carpet
is being woven for us
by day and by night.

Christina Egan © 2014 

I wrote these haiku, and am posting them, at the hardest time of the year: when cold and darkness have used up our reserves and spring has not arrived yet. However, bright signals of light and life surround us!