Some of my plays are intimate and contemporary, others are epic and historical, set in various eras, from ancient Mesopotamia to the 18th century. Some plays are farcical… because life is often farcical.

My plays usually contain verse and songs, or are devised to integrate film and dance. Some are altogether written in verse!

Some shorter plays can stand on their own or be performed together to fill an afternoon or evening.


Here are a few lines from my plays:

(On the London Underground. The carriage is quite full.
A man is listening to very loud music with his earphones.)

Louisa: Could you turn your music down?
Passenger: What’s that you want?
Louisa: Your music is very loud.
Passenger: My music is just fine.
Louisa: I can’t read.
Passenger: If you wanna read, go to a library.

(No other passenger has interfered or even looked up.
But at the word “library”, someone utters a shrill laugh.)

Christina Egan © 2013


Monika: Ich will das Beste. Ich will alles.
Anja: Alles kriegst du nie.
Monika: Versuchen kann man es ja.


Monika: Ich habe ja nicht bloß ein Leben, sondern ein Klasse Leben.
Nur bin ich eben im falschen Leben gelandet.
Anja: Dein Leben paßt dir doch wie ein Handschuh.

Christina Egan © 2011


These are some of my plays:

The Bricks of Ur and The Game of Ur
Place: Ancient Near East; time: around 2000 B.C.

Topics: war, death, love, adventure, liberty, destiny, religion

Die Jahrtausendfeier
Place: Fulda, Germany; time: 797/997
Topics: reconstruction of civilisation, foundation of empire, falsification of history

Kinder Abrahams
Place: Fulda, Germany; time: 1235/36
Topics: persecution of Jews, Crusades, dialogue of civilisations under Frederick II

Vollmond and Brilliant
Place: Cologne, Germany; time: 2012/13
Topics: love, commitment, midlife crisis, giftedness, contemporary art, dream and reality