Some of my poems and lyrics are religious, some are political (although everything we do is religious and political by definition). Most poems are personal: dealing with beauty and nature and art, with love and longing and loneliness, with birth and life and death.

My favourite subjects or images are celestial bodies and plants. I am also very keen on colours; for me, writing verse is like painting with words.

Some of my poems are free verse, but the vast majority rhyme and scan; quite a few follow traditional patterns like sonnets and haiku. I strongly believe in the power of sound, the music of language, the magic of language.

I publish some of my poems in calendars and many as blog posts on this site. You can search them in a number of ways:

Rhönkalender 2019.

  1. Language: English poems; German poems; Parallel poems  (created in both languages)
  2. Form: Sonnets  (a traditional European form);
    Haiku and tanka 
     (traditional East Asian forms);
    Narrative poems 
    (poems that tell a story);
    Lyrics  (poems that could be used for songs);
    Humour  (satirical and humorous verse)
  3. Subject: for instance Seasons & ages orWeddings & anniversaries — for details read on.


These are the subject categories:

One of my main topics is the cycle of the seasons and the ages of man:

Münsterschwarzacher Bildkalender 2017.


  • Spring  often relates to birth and youth
  • Summer  is often linked to the middle of life
  • Autumn  often deals with maturity and age
  • Winter  may stand for death but also transcendence
  • All seasonal poems together are filed at Seasons and ages.


There are also tags you can click on and a search box in the top right-hand corner.
With either, you can find certain words or names – like ‘solstice’ or ‘Cologne’.